So I'm on holidaze...This is week 2. Week 1 was spent with a full on cold, stuffed head, runny nose, cough, the whole damn thing. No energy, couldn't make brain work, just ghastly.  It's just starting to wear away as I begin week 2 and I feel I could catch up with some work in the garden. Loads to do, it's Spring planting season over here and wanted to build a new raised garden bed.

Arrows give direction of weather. I live in the circle of orange. Radar range 150 km radius out from Melbourne (roughly 80miles I think)

I will go have a nice long bath I think.

RL - now I've seen everything

My attention was drawn to the kitchen window last night by a regular soft thumping noise. It was dark outside, but the light from inside the kitchen was illuminating the ladder I use to get on to the roof that I'd left propped against the wall directly outside the window
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