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Juicing and the election

I started a reboot juice fast yesterday 

I did it this time last year for almost 2 months but stopped for Christmas as mum had booked us all into an expensive restaurant for xmas lunch and I knew she wouldn't be happy if I announced I'd just be drinking fresh vegetable juice. The first few days are the hardest and it's hard to stay warm (which is why I do it now, in time for the Australian summer) I tend to let the weight creep on a bit over Winter so use this as a great way to shape up for Summer and get healthier at the same time. The weight just melts away. But geez the first few days are bloody hard!

 On a totally different topic, I notice that all my flist seem to be Obama supporters like (Josh!). At least all the ones posting about the election. Not a single Please vote for Romney among the lot of you. I've been glued to the news reports coming in and it seems Mr Obama is creeping into the lead so I have my fingers crossed for you all.
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