The stat counter on Spanderfiles says it gets an average 200 visitors daily with an average 400 page views

That is just amazing for such an old neglected site and it made me feel good but guilty as well. I am going to fix all its broken links, there are so many stories unreachable that need to be fixed.

I have made a start over the last few days with Witling's stories, as there was a cry for help on the shoutbox for one of hers, and I intend to continue fixing all the other broken links, so please feel free to reply to this post with any broken links

According to the WaybackMachine Spanderfiles has been arround since the early part of the century
The following line was found on an old archived page
This site was first committed on September 13, 2005

Nostalgia Trip:  
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After five years I have updated Spanderfiles with a bunch of new stories. Many grateful thanks to sparrow2000 who gave me a list of recs to get on with, saving me a load of searching around. I hope there are still a few of you out there wanting to read some Spander as the stories are really good ones and deserve an audience. We even have a new category  :)

I have sat up until nearly 1am checking and rechecking every link and I think I have them all working properly. I am going to get some sleep now, I hope you all enjoy the stories as much as I did while I collected them.

Many thanks to the authors for continuing to write about our boys.

Lifestyle docter looks like James Marsters

I was cruising Youtube looking for lifestyle medicine educational videos ( as one does, lol!) and tripped over this guy, Dr Tel Oren MD, an Israli doctor who looks so like JM my jaw was dropping. I couldn't take my eyes off him, it was difficult to listen to his message, even though it was excellent when I could bring myself to stop drooling and pay attention to the man.

So sorry, edited to add the video, lol!

Spander Files updates will be late

I've dragged my butt these last few months and RL has been taking more of my attention than usual, and I'd like to have a chance to post seasonal stories as well, so I'm holding back from updating until mid to late December.

Next year I will drop adding new stories down to once every six months, as it's getting harder to keep updating every few months. There will be an update in June and an update in December from now on.

Spanderfiles is not closing will continue to function as an Archive, meeting place for fans and Spander newsroom thanks to the active community who use the chatbox

Juicing and the election

I started a reboot juice fast yesterday 
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 On a totally different topic, I notice that all my flist seem to be Obama supporters like (Josh!). At least all the ones posting about the election. Not a single Please vote for Romney among the lot of you. I've been glued to the news reports coming in and it seems Mr Obama is creeping into the lead so I have my fingers crossed for you all.